Commercial Inspection Services


Inspections are done Mon-Fri – Call us between 9am – 5pm (954) 578-9117

Commercial Inspection Services

Complete Building Inspections

Our qualified inspectors and field experts will ensure accurate code compliance verifying the construction projects are approve and applicable within local codes, amendments, and ordinances.

Commercial Inspection Services

Project Inspection, Management & Consulting

Falcon Inspections can also offer a comprehensive building plan review, managing services and consulting to provide helpful suggestions to reach safety and code compliance standards.

Commercial Inspection Services

Repair Cost Estimate & Insurance Claims

Our inspectors are responsible for preparing an estimate of the cost of repair or replacement of the insured’s property, and provide the insurance company with the proper paperwork.

Commercial Inspection Services

Consulting for Code Violation

When dealing with Building Code Violations, we can handle your process from beginning to end. Our on-demand certified inspectors have the local knowledge with nationwide expertise and successful outcomes.

Commercial Inspection Services

Termites and Mold Inspection

Due to Florida’s humid weather and structural configuration, most homes are vulnerable to termite and mold infestations. Once inspected these issues need to be addressed immediately.

Commercial Inspection Services

Roof Inspection / Certification

We provide roofing inspections, training and certifications to become roofing inspector professionals to join the nationally recognized National Roof Certification and Inspection Association.


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